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LIFE Forms - My JS10k Entry Is Live!

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I just managed to submit my JS10K entry in time, having spent a lot of time implementing compression hacks like converting the code and data into images using node-canvas. Turns out I may not have needed to worry about that as the competition now lets you submit a .zip file, and only considers the size of the .zip file, not the files within it. Somehow I missed that. Oh well.

Here is a link to one of my favorite lifeforms, the Frothing Puffer:

LIFE Forms

In order to meet the size restriction of the competition, I had to leave out some functionality that I developed earlier, such as thumbnails of the lifeforms. So here is the uncut version, with thumbnails, and all of the lifeforms in it.

Actually, there are a couple of features in the competition version which are not in this version: The ability to link to a pattern using the URL, and also the ability to edit the seed pattern (albeit in text form). I have thoughts of making a version with a more visual editor, which would let you turn on cells by clicking on them, and perhaps save and share them with others. But I’m not sure if I’ll get around to it… life is short :P

I must give credit to the David Silver’s LIFE Lexicon, where I obtained the seed patterns. As always, Da Code is available on GitHub. Note that the competition version is in the JS10K branch.