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Updates to Asteroids

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I was pleasantly shocked the other day to see a pull request in my GitHub account for the Canvasteroids game framework I recently created. There were the following features added to the Asteroids game:

  • score
  • lives
  • game over after 3 lives lost
  • an animation when the rocket is being thrusted
  • enhancements to the firing of bullets
  • a new Text class for the framework (used to display the lives and score)

Some kind folks from the Chico State Open Source Team had picked my project to flex their programming skills. I was quite impressed with the quality of their contributions, and that they were able to dive into the project which I admit is not really documented at all.

This has inspired me to continue my efforts on Canvasteroids, as well as documenting it better, to enable further collaboration. I’ve since posted on my blog about one of the patterns I use in the framework: ‘State and Transition Oriented Programming’. I’ve also started on a second game, which I will hopefully be launching soon.