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A Is for Asteroids

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A while back I decided to have a go at making a Javascript + Canvas version of Asteroids. I was able to get a basic version of the game working in a weekend, but I wasn’t happy about the code being in one huge file, so I set about refactoring it using ExtJS 4 for OO support (but not the whole library). This turned out to be quite addictive and after a while I had a small library of code on my hands. The initial title of the game was ‘CanvAsteroids’, but as I shifted to working on the supporting library I started to think of it as ‘CanvaSteroids’ : Canvas on Steroids. And so I have named the library this awkward name and renamed the game itself to just be Asteroids. The plan is to work my way through the alphabet, making a game for each letter. Next is Breakout. It’s good to have goals ;)

I want to write some more posts about some of the techniques I used to get the game working, especially the collision detection. I found a way to do this using the Canvas ‘isPointInPath’ method, which seems to perform quite well. The game uses keyboard for controls (left-right arrows for turning, spacebar to fire) and I also added some mouse/touch control inspired by Seb Deslisle’s JSTouchController. I don’t think the game is really well suited to touch, but at least I learned how to handle the touch events. If anyone has an iPad I’d be interested to know how it works.. unfortunately I heard the performance of Canvas is not great on iOS. However I’m really not into targeting one platform, and I’d like the games to be playable on any desktop or mobile device which has a decent browser (ie supports Canvas). For the IE < 9 users, I added Chrome Frame. For sound I used SoundManager2. The actual sounds were recorded off my Atari 2600 during gameplay, and edited in Audacity.

Anyways, enough nerdy banter.. here’s the game (warning LOUD sound effects!).

Play Asteroids

I used GitHub’s nifty new pages feature (plus a domain) to host a site here:


And for all your source-y needs, the Github repo