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Finalist in 25lines Contest!

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A few weeks ago I entered in the 25-line ActionScript Contest. Today I found out I am amongst the 12 finalists!! (I’m the first on the list, entry 011, so go vote for me :) ). My entry is a 3D interactive dandelion (the seeds fly off when you touch them). UNfortunately, in Firefox the swf is not rendering correctly when loaded into the browser without being embedded… it is centered on the top left of the screen, and so you can only see the bottom right half of the dandelion :( . It works fine in the standalone player, and if it is embedded in HTML, and in Safari. It may be an issue with the debug version of the player in FF. I have noticed the same issue when looking at my site when the swf is not visible when the page is rendered .. refreshing the browser with the swf in view fixes the problem. So I’m cursing myself for not testing in the browser (though I’m really not sure how to fix this particular issue which seems to be a player bug). Oh well .. next time. Anyways here it is as I was hoping it would look… note that this is very processor intensive, as optimizing for the least number of lines is not the same as optimizing for performance, and in order to qualify for the competition I’ve sacrificed the latter for the former.

flash 10 required

Da Code


The above code is very compressed, and obscure… if you want to understand what it is doing you’re probably better off looking at these previous versions: