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Triadic Koch Curve

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I’m attempting to read Benoit Mandelbrot’s ‘Fractals: Form, Chance, and Dimension’. I say attempting because I keep falling asleep while reading it.. the text is rather dry, and freely sprinkled with (to me) mysterious equations. However it does have wonderful illustrations, and so I figured I would have a go at recreating some of these fractals in Flash using some of the techniques of vector drawing I’ve recently learned. I know everyone and their dog has done this before, but I’m quite happy with the algorithm I’ve devised, which uses iteration rather than recursion for better performace. For an explanation of why this is so, see the first chapter of SICP. The way it works is by using a rule to interpolate a series of points between each pair of points. Finally the new drawPath() command connects the dots.

To zoom in , right-click and select ‘zoom in’ to see details on edges.

flash 10 required

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