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Prevent Bitmapification !

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Today Keith Peters posted about how vectors degrade in Flash Player 10 when they are given a non-zero z value. Apparently vectors are turned into bitmaps and then scaled when they are rendered in perspective. Bad Adobe! Well I thought about it a bit more and realized that a workaround for this would be to scale the points that make up the shape, and then redraw the shape using good old 2d drawingAPI. It proved to be fairly tedious, so you’re probably better off doing things the old fashioned way as Mr. Peters suggests. but I did get it to work so I figure I should post it anyways. I’m hoping that getting to grips with the new 3D API will pay off eventually…

flash 10 required

Try zooming in (right/ctrl-click + ‘zoom in’ ) and you’ll see the fishes stay sharp.

Here’s the code: